CBD BALM 2%/30ml

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The CBD OIL balm is in a 30 ml glass jar. The product contains 2% (600 mg) of cannabidiol (CBD).

1 ml contains 20 mg of cannabidol (CBD).‚Äč_

Ingredients: cold pressed cannabis oil (Cannabis sativa L.) *, coconut oil *, beeswax * Shea and cocoa butter *, cannabinoids (Cannabis sativa L.), grape seed oil *, Madagascar vanilla * and Rosemary essence *.

* controlled from organic production.

The CBD BALM can be helpful in alleviating many physical ailments. Such as muscle spasm, arthritis, arthralgia, muscle pain, cramps, tendonitis, general inflammation, headaches, migraine, menstrual cramps and other pains.


1 in stock