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Why choose Magnesium Gel over dietary supplements?

External dosing is, according to many experts, the most effective and fast way to make up for the magnesium deficiency and to get the required dose of magnesium. The body absorbs the required amount of magnesium for the first 20 minutes and the rest simply remains on the body surface where you can wash it off (or leave it if you want).

Skin overdose is as much as impossible and the body can self-regulate by consuming just the right amount of magnesium. There is no need to follow the diet when administering through the skin – it is important to keep in mind that many foods contain oxalates and phytic acid which prevent magnesium intake. Oxalates are found, for example, in coffee, tea, salad leaves, spinach, rhubarb, nuts. Phytic acid is found in whole grains, beans, almonds, oat flakes, corn and wheat flour.

Recommended use:

Apply to skin and massage into skin. After a few minutes, the remaining layer may (but does not have to) be washed off. May produce short-term burning and / or heat on the skin, which is usually less than that of magnesium oil. The gel can also be applied to wet skin, reducing the tendency and facilitating spreading. When using a magnesium gel, the magnesium needed for the body is quickly absorbed directly into the cells, especially in a soft way. May relieve muscle tension and cramps in athletes after exercise. It is also very convenient to apply the gel to a locally tense area.

Therapeutic value of magnesium as a mineral:

Anxiety, Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Magnesium helps keep stress hormones under control
Asthma – Magnesium deficiency aggravates both bronchial spasms and histamine release
Blood clots – Magnesium regulates blood density without side effects and prevents lumps
Intestinal Diseases – Magnesium deficiency slows down the intestine, which in turn causes constipation, causes toxic reactions and colitis, and impairs nutrient absorption
Bladder inflammation – Bladder spasms exacerbate in the absence of magnesium
Depression – Production of serotonin (“luck hormone”) is dependent on magnesium
Cleansing the body – The important role of magnesium is to remove the heavy metals accumulated in the body
Diabetes Magnesium facilitates the secretion of insulin by speeding up the metabolism of sugar. Without magnesium, insulin would not be able to deliver glucose to the cells.
Fatigue – Magnesium deficient patients usually complain of fatigue because dozens of the body’s enzyme systems are malfunctioning. The first symptom of magnesium deficiency is fatigue. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic processes.
Heart Disease – Magnesium deficiency is common in people with heart disease. Like every other muscle, myocardium needs magnesium.
High blood pressure – low magnesium causes an increase in “bad” cholesterol
Hypoglycemia – Magnesium keeps blood sugar under control
The body’s production of melatonin, which regulates insomnia, is impaired without sufficient magnesium
Kidney disease – Magnesium deficiency is associated with atherosclerosis and renal failure
Headaches – Serotonin balance is magnesium dependent. Serotonin deficiency culminates in migraine and depression.
Muscle Conditions – Fibrosite, fibromyalgia, muscle cramps, eyelid twitching, and chronic neck and back pain can all be the result of magnesium deficiency and can be alleviated with magnesium foot baths and magnesium oil.
Nerve problems – Magnesium helps with peripheral nervous system disorders throughout the body as well as dizziness
Gynecological and Prenatal and Postpartum Problems – Magnesium helps prevent premenstrual syndrome and menstrual pain, weakens uterine contractions during pregnancy. Magnesium (either as magnesium foot baths, as an oil or as a dietary supplement) is recommended for women during pregnancy.
Osteoporosis – Using calcium without balancing magnesium causes even greater magnesium deficiency, leading to a number of negative consequences for bone health
Raynaud’s syndrome – Magnesium relaxes spastic blood vessels causing numbness and pain in the fingers
Dental caries – Magnesium deficiency promotes dental caries

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